celestial crystal pack

celestial crystal pack

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meet the celestial crystal pack! featuring one angel aura amethyst point & two ombré quartz crystal points, this spacey combination of crystals is sure to bring all the healing and serenity you need!

amethyst is primarily used for creativity, purification, and courage. it is a grounding stone that stimulates the crown chakra. use amethyst to meditate or promote positivity in your home by placing it in prominent areas. many like to use amethyst next to their beds as it's said to stimulate dreams and soothe the mind to ensure a peaceful sleep.

clear quartz is one of the most versatile healing stones as you can program it with any intention! clear quartz is known as the stone of power as it amplifies any type of energy, including other crystals. this stone is so universal because it can be used to cleanse and align all chakras.


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amethyst point treated with titanium plating to create a dreamy angel aura effect. two clear quartz points treated with pink & metallic plating, giving them their two-toned rainbow luster. perfect for home decor or to bring with you on the go!

size: 2" amethyst point & 2 1"-2.5" quartz points


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