crystal care guide

So, you've started working with crystals and you're feeling a bit intimidated. don't be! Some people just simply like the look of crystals and leave it at that - which is completely fine! others like to dive deeper into the meanings and uses of each stone, which can become quite complex. Truth is, every crystal or stone has its own frequency and therefore, its own use. When deciding on which crystals you'd like to adopt into your life, it's fun to look at both their physical and spiritual properties. From there, you can begin to work with your crystals. A great first step when you get a new crystal is to "cleanse" it. This allows for clearing of any existing energy within the stone, creating a blank slate for it to serve you!
cleansing your crystals
There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, there is no "wrong" way. However, definitely take note that certain stones can be sensitive to light, heat, water, etc. As you move through this guide, we'd recommend looking up the specific stone you wish to cleanse and make sure it won't be damaged by certain methods. Here are some of the most common methods: light, water, smoke, and sound. For light, you want natural light such as sunlight or moonlight. Simply place your stone outside or near a window to absorb the light all day or all night. For water, you can place your stone under it for about a minute. For smoke, many people use sage or incense to smudge their stones. Definitely be careful with this method, since there is always a fire hazard when working with smoke. For sound, many people use sound baths, chimes, or even their own voices. This is where the concept of rituals and intentions come in - with each method, you can really make the moment your own. From here, you can charge your stones, which is the next step.
charging your crystals
People love crystals because they hold onto energy and it's a great idea to program them with a certain intention! After you've cleansed your crystal, you may meditate with it by holding it in your hands or over a certain chakra. This should be a very relaxing moment where you breathe deeply, clear your mind and focus on what it is you'd like to program your crystal with. For example, you may ask for protection or emotional healing. You can also get specific and ask for help with a certain manifestation. Consider the properties of the stone you're working with when you decide on your intention. It can help to say your intention out loud if you'd like. The most important thing is that whatever ritual you choose to do resonates with you and you are in a relaxed state. Follow your intuition & feel!
additional info
Working with crystals should never stress you out or feel like a chore - this is simply a guide for people looking into getting more connected with the subject. Feel free to cleanse & charge your crystals whenever you desire. There is so much more information out there if you'd like to learn even more, but hopefully this quick guide has helped you get a good start. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions and happy healing!