sophia here! thanks for visiting the site. think of this page as my chance to introduce myself and what this company means to me. camarda crystals was built out of passion and has my own name attached to it. i started camarda crystals in the early spring of 2018. during this time, i was going through my own personal "awakening", asking myself what i wanted out of life. i started looking into the healing properties of crystals and introducing them into my life. i found so much peace in the idea that the natural world around you can be on your side. i soon got the idea to start hand-making and selling crystal jewelry so that i could spread this peace to others. not only did i find this to be a fun hobby, but i truly viewed the creation of this company as an extension of myself. it has now extended into more than just jewelry and camarda crystals is a natural result of me living my most authentic life. i have created something through my own growth that will hopefully do the same for others as it has for me. it has been so fulfilling and i am so grateful for everyone who supports me & my mission.
sophia camarda