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Camarda Crystals

crystal sleep healing set

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zzz... that'll be you with your sleep healing crystal set! ☁️ these are perfect for a gift to a loved one or even a treat to yourself!

Product Info

These crystals are perfect for healing & soothing! They can be used for calming the mind and encouraging a restful, good night's sleep.

Set includes 6 raw crystal stones: moonstone, rose quartz, amethyst, labradorite, tourmaline & prehnite. Also includes: sleep blend roll on.

Moonstone: great for soft, feminine energy.
Rose quartz: heal the heart & encourage positive energy.
Amethyst: cure insomnia and promote peace.
Labradorite: calm the mind and stimulate your imagination.
Tourmaline: protect and ground your energy.
Prehnite: aka the "dream crystal," free the spirit.

Sleep blend roll on: lavender, chamomile, orange, copaiba, sandalwood, white lotus, velvetier, blue tansy, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and bergamot oils diluted with almond oil.

Return & Refund Policy

Crystal sets are non-refundable & non-returnable. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at so we can work together to come up with the best solution for you!

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Ships via USPS Priority Mail by default. Ships in 1-3 business days.