palo santo sticks

palo santo sticks

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palo santo is used as an energy cleanser - similar to traditional sage. palo santo is great because it is more sustainable and has a great scent when burned. palo santo means "holy wood" and is meant to invite positive energy & promote peace.

how to use: use a lighter to light the palo santo stick at a 45 degree angle. let it burn for around 30 seconds before blowing out the flame. walk around your area with the stick and allow the smoke to cleanse the energy around you. you may set a positive intention & call for all stagnant energy to exit. it's good to have proper ventilation and remember: burning any item poses a fire hazard - be careful :)


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bundle of 4 palo santo sticks - all sourced through fair trade & sustainable practices.

size: each stick is approximately 4" in length


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