selenite sticks

selenite sticks

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selenite is known as one of the purest crystals - it is used for cleansing other stones and represents purity, light, and connection to angelic realms. it contains water in its composition, making it act almost as "liquid light" in its ability to cleanse and recharge energy. the name selenite comes from greek goddess, selene, goddess of the moon!

how to use: of course, you may use crystals however you please, but selenite is great for meditating with as a way to restore balance. it's also great to place in rooms to ward off negative energy. some even like to use selenite sticks as an "energy eraser," and wave them over their body as a way to energetically cleanse.


product info

raw, genuine selenite sticks. perfect for home decor or to bring with you on the go!

size: ~2" in length

note: you will receive 1 single selenite stick. increase your order quantity if you would like multiple sticks.


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